Mary Anne Gallagher, Ph.D.

Licensed MFT in Glendale, Montrose, La Crescenta, and La Canada area

Thank you for visiting this website. The fact that you are here means you are experiencing some area in your life that is causing distress, and you are looking for solutions, for something to give you a happier, more satisfied life. This distress may be caused by depression, by anxiety, by stress in your couple and/or family relationships, or you may have unresolved pain from growing up in a difficult family.

My Promise To You

I know how difficult it is to search for someone that you believe will be helpful to you with your specific problems. I commit to you that I will:

     Be respectful
     Fully listen to your problems
     Provide warmth and caring
     Be collaborative with you in your needs
     Nurture your strengths
     Be honest

I also guarantee that if I cannot help you, or feel that our relationship isnít working, I will honestly tell you that and either work to correct the problem or offer you appropriate referrals.

My Background

I also offer you a background with excellent training in both individual and relationship therapies, along with training in the systems in which we all live. I have 2 related Masterís Degrees and a Ph.D from USC, along with considerable life experience that includes both struggles and successes.

I have been trained in multiple modalities of therapy techniques, and it is my practice to tailor your therapy to what you, the client, needs most. This includes finding solutions to your problems, looking to the future and making your future more rewarding and fulfilling, with healthy and satisfying relationships.

My practice includes individuals (adults and teens), couples, and families. I have a particular emphasis and expertise in couple relationships, depression, anxiety, family of origin issues, substance abuse, and gender dynamics, but I welcome a telephone consultation for any issue that you find troubling at the moment.